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This is one interview we did for the Austin Zoo: (We were granted permission to use these on our site.) 1. What is the common cause for the animals to get rescued.Just outside of Austin in Travis County is the Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary.

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Since the Austin Zoo was founded in 1990, the zoo has maintained a mission that promotes the rescue, rehabilitation, and education that is required to assist animals.The first thing to realize is that this is NOT the San Antonio Zoo.

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Austin Zoo originated as Good Day Ranch in 1990 featuring pony rides and goat-milking demonstrations.

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This private, not-for-profit zoo and animal sanctuary offers refuge for exotic animals that are in need.

As Patti Clark walks along a dirt road winding through the Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary, two lions roar raucously from within their covered enclosure.

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With its underlying mission to assist animals in need through rescue, rehabilitation and education, the Austin Zoo is a fantastic any-day choice to give the kiddos an up-close encounter with a.

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And in 1994, the ranch became the Austin Zoo, a rescue sanctuary.

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Sorry Austin, no matter how green you want to be your ZOO is not a sanctuary.

Noticeably, the animals are caged, as opposed to the modern trend of attempting to replicate their natural habitat.

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Located on the southwest edge of Austin, Texas, Austin Zoo draws visitors from around the world to learn about our rescued animals and spend quality time outdoors in the Texas Hill Country. Read More.

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Instead, it is a small zoo that mostly hosts animals that have been rescued from various situations.

The Austin Zoo is a non-profit rescue zoo and a animal sanctuary.It is located in southwestern county in Texas, United States of America.Get ready for a howling good time at the annual Boo at the Zoo where kids can show off their Halloween costumes while strolling through the Austin Zoo during evening hours.

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My family has been going to the Austin Zoo 2 or 3 times per year for the past 7 years.These cougar cubs are just 5 weeks old and have to be bottle-fed.

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The trio was rescued from an Oregon zoo after their mom was shot and killed by a hunter.

The fledgling Austin Zoo is basically a big, no-frills barnyard full of exotic jungle beasts as well as miscellaneous domestic breeds.Will Smith Zoo School was a natural place for her to land and combine her passion for teaching and love of nature.The mission of Austin Zoo is to assist animals in need through rescue, rehabilitation, and education.

At 2 years old, Anna had never been to a zoo before and we were excited to see her reaction.My children love to learn about the different animals, their personal histories and native habitats.

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The mission of Austin Zoo is to assist animals in need through rescue,.

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So, last week one part of our super busy week was going to the Austin Zoo.Like Jacob said, the Zoo has really changed over the years since we were there last.Maybe we are a family that likes small or simple things, but we have always loved the Austin Zoo.A trek that we think is totally worth it a few times per year.

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